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Our client’s often ask us how do they know that V Protection guards are patrolling their property? The answer to this question is a Detex Guard Monitoring System. The Detex system consists of two components. The first component is a scanner which looks like a handheld flashlight. The second component is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) button which looks like a dime.The guard carries the scanner with him when he does his hourly round. He points the scanner at the RFID button and the scanner records the date, time and location. We will install RFID buttons at strategic location at your property. When the guard is conducting his patrol he will visit all those points and scan the buttons. We can download the data from the scanner and email it to you as evidence of patrols conducted by our guards.The Detex Guard Monitoring System prevents our security guards from performing unauthorized activities (such as sleeping, walking off the site, etc.) We also have 24-hours supervision. The supervisor checks the posts and the security officers randomly at your location. Combined with the Detex Guard Monitoring System and the random visits from our supervisors results in a more secure and well-guarded site.

V Protection Services, Inc.  Is a certified, licensed, and fully insured California corporation based out of Los Angeles . Over the years V Protection has been known for professionalism and its strong commitment to client satisfaction. Our Security Officers are professionals and trained to maintain secure environment while adhering to the rules set forth by the Bureau Of Security and Investigation Services (BSIS) . Our wide range of clients include: Individuals , Business , Law Firms , Government Agencies , and Non-Profit Organizations. Our trained team guarantees safe and secure environment for 24 hours a day . In emergency Situations , Our security Officers act quickly and ​Professionally to restore order and safety . The following is a list we most commonly offer " 24 Hour Armed and Unarmed security Guard Personal Bodyguard , Privet Patrol , Executive Protection , Secure Transportation" 

All of Our Officers are thoroughly screened before becoming a part of our team we guarantee their ability to meet the highest standards . Once You choose V Protection Services , Inc. as your security company, you will find a highly trained and motivated service staff, who will provide you with the highest quality security service on consistent 24/7 basis.


We understand the appearance and behaviors of our security guards directly reflects on our clients and our company. We take considerable time and effort to train and prepare all our guards before they're assigned   Your post.​

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