V Protection Services , Inc . offers Lobby Concierge & receptionist for your building, organization , or event.  Our trained officers can control and monitor access points for employees and visitors. Duties may include: providing building , company information, directions, issuing and monitoring CCTV Cameras / badges /security logs, and inspecting bags and packages.. 


V Protection Services , Inc. offer 24/7 Private Investigator. Private Investigation Services.- Infidelity Investigation Cheating Spouses- Divorce Investigation- Babysitter Investigation- Past and current Employees Investigation .- And more ...


V Protection Services , inc. offers 24/7 armed & unarmed security guards. Our security officers have to pass an extensive background check, have been trained, and are experts in their corresponding field. V Protection Services, Inc. officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security Officers act quickly and ​Professionally to restore order and safety. Our trained team guarantees safe and secure environment for 24 hours a day. Our wide range of clients include: Individuals , Business , Law Firms , Government Agencies , and Non-Profit Organizations.



V Protection Services , Inc also provides Armed and Unarmed Security Drivers. Our professional Security team will take you to your destination secure and safe. Each Officer maintains a valid driver’s license and must maintain a clean driving record. Our officers are trained and Certified and they are fully insured.


V Protection Services , Inc. offers Executive protection/ Personal Bodyguard Service and  Celebrity Protection. Our Bodyguards are available 24/7 for any type of event or occasion. V Protection Services , Inc. specializes in personal protection and will help customize a security-service plan to best serve your security needs on a short-term or long-term basis. Our Bodyguards constantly assist any threats or problems for the client, and they protect the client at all times.

V Protection Services , Inc. offers Patrol Services . V Protection Services , Inc.  uses the best, most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry.  Patrol Officers can immediately dispatch local law enforcement, paramedics, and fire, with the on-board, digital-radio dispatch system. Each patrol vehicle has a computer in the car that can send reports and directly contact the client or vice versa. V Protection Services , Inc. cars have GPS, so radio dispatch system has access to the speed and location of all patrol vehicles. 



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