It’s crucial to keep your business safe and free from burglaries, vandalism and personal attacks. V Protection Services, Inc. offer Retail Security.We will make sure that you customers can feel safe knowing there are retail security guards while they shop. We can provide you with 24/7 unarmed security guards, armed security guards, patrol service.We will ensure that our security guards are suited to your environment. Our guards are trained to the highest levels, enabling them to deal with any situation that may occur during business hours or after hours.


Statistics show most burglaries take place during daylight hours when no one is home between the hours 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Protecting your home and family from criminal activity should be a high priority.We here at V Protection Services, Inc. offers many security services to secure your home 24/7 . Vacation Security Watch.Whether you are planning on a long relaxing getaway or short vacation, and you need your residence checked during this time, V Protection offers Vacation Security Watch for those clients requiring short- or long-term house-watch services.Patrol Services.We offer private patrol service that will monitor your property several times during the day or night 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Patrol Service offers a high security presence at substantially less cost than a full-time, on-site security guard.


We offer security guard for your private parties so you can relax and enjoy your party. Our highly- experienced management staff will discuss different security options that you may choose from, such as security guards, armed security or unarmed. Our private-party security officers can be in uniform or plainclothes, depending on your preference. Don’t leave your special occasion to be protected by inexperienced security staff. our goal is to keep your private party safe & secure .

The hospital is the one place where violence, vandalism, or theft is not something your staff or patients should worry about when in your care or working in your facility. Unfortunately, violence, vandalism and theft are putting healthcare facilities and hospitals at risk. V Protection Services , Inc. are professional, courteous and understand the unique requirements associated with security services for all types of healthcare facilities.We have different security guards to fit your security needs; unarmed security guards, armed security guards, standing guards, patrol service.We will provide you with the right type of security presence to fit your specific hospital security needs.


V Protection Services, Inc. offers 24/7 security guard for your construction site. Your construction site is unfortunately exposed to theft or vandalism without adequate construction site security services. Our comprehensive, customized security services address the safeguarding of industrial sites and equipment, your property; stop theft before it starts. Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all your security service needs.


​V Protection Services, Inc. offer 24 hour Security Guard , Patrol Service also Lobby Concierg

for your Apartments , Condos, and Gated community. Our experienced security officers know what to look for in close community situations to keep the residences and property safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attacks. The main purpose of a gated residential community is to provide higher privacy, security and exclusivity to its residents. V Protection Services , Inc. provides security officers and patrol service officers in order to have a highly visible security presence to deter criminal activities in the area. Gated communities do not claim to be able to prevent all crimes. Our officers are trained and licensed and meet all requirements of the State of California for private security officers.


​Should your industry not match any of the above mentioned services , still give us a call and we will take your request 

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V Protection Services , Inc.  Provide Wide Range of Security Related Services Four Our Clients Over The Years.

The Following List Of Services We still Continue For Our Clients.


 Vandalism and theft are two of the major security risks to storage and distribution facilities. The value of your building materials and machinery are too costly to leave without security. V Protection Services,Inc. provides warehouse security guards .We provide warehouse security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. V Protection Services,Inc. can provide security services that may deter vandalism or theft.

V protection Services,Inc. warehouse security officers will patrol the areas and make sure everything is going well and help prevent theft and criminal activity. Having the presence of a warehouse security officer can prevent theft and intimidate those thinking about trespassing or stealing internally.